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Here are our personal tips and favorites (partly based on value for money).

In general we only sell/promote bikes that we consider to be a good choice and would actually consider buying ourselves in that category/pricerange.     However, within that selection, there are always a couple frames that we prefer over others:
- Orbea Terra/Colnago G3X:   Everybody should have a gravelbike and enjoy Lidingoloppet/Nacka/Gravelpaths and of course it is 100% perfect for Vatternrundan and commuting and cyclocross and and and... N = 1 :)
- Colnago V3rs: If you have the budget, this bike is IT, and then some. Dreambike, and the best bike Colnago has ever made (yes, there is still demand for the C64, but for different reasons. The V3rs is what you buy if you want the best bike). 
- Orbea Orca:   Superbike ride quality, for bargain prices. We prefer the all new 2020 Orca LTD and the Orca TEAM ourselves. But 'bike of the year' the Orca AERO is definitely one of the best aero bikes out there too.
- Orbea Alma hardtail: Alu, carbon and team carbon frames are your three options, all are good, but arguably the best value for money is the mid-range OMP carbon frame.
- Orbea Oiz: the xc/race full suspension, the best selling mountainbike at the moment.  Fast and capable for a broad range of tracks.
- Orbea Occam: this is our favorite mountainbike ever, completely new for 2020. The international press is equally impressed as we are.  It's not for everyone, but if it fits your ridingstyle (Having fun on gnarly trails, Alps, Swedish alps, Hellasgarden etc) then there is no better bike of any brand.