Pcyklopat - About us


Born in Holland I've been infected with the cycling-virus from birth, that love is as strong as ever. Having done multiple week-long stage-races on both the road- and mountainbike in the Alps, South Africa (Cape-epic 8 day Mountainbike race) and Norway that still make me smile with fond memories, it's clear that cycling will always be in my blood.  All above tours/races are highly recommended if you're looking for something beyond the vatternrundan.

I do however like to ride on the best equipment, this has been the whole reason for starting Pcyklopat.   Please join: ask, provide and share in our and your cyclingpassion and -knowledge.
I'm always keen to give advise about which bike is the perfect bike for you...so please email if you're interested in my biased opinion :) 
All bikes can be shipped inside Europe, or can be picked up in a Malmö- or Stockholm store, or in Valkenburg Holland.

We're currently exploring routes to start a cyclingholiday/training company in the 3 areas of: Livigno (Alps), Alassio (Coast and 10-15km 4-5% climbs) and Valkenburg (Amstel gold race, many many 1-3km 10-15% climbs).


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