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Want to make yourself faster?  Or simply want to make your bike sexier?  This is the category.  We have some more carbon wheeloptions as well, feel free to send an email with your wishlist and budgetrange.

Please buy good carbon wheels, it's your only contact with the tarmac. After the frame, the wheels are the most important part of a bicycle.  It's important to get good carbonfiber rims and good hubs....they will keep you happy, fast, comfortable  AND safe on the road for a very long time.

Why Edco wheels are among the best in the industry:
- they have their own windtunnel as one of the only wheelmakers, resulting in the most aero rims
- they have unique patents and the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control. They have been in the industry for 150 years and are known to make the best hubs in the world.
- they do everything in-house. They own the carbon rim factory that also produces for other brands, after that everything gets handbuilt inhouse and tested by themselves.