We are working together with the best bikefit studio in Sweden, please contact us for the details:

Bike Fitting (3 hours, 2500kr.  Or 4,5 hours including pressure mapping and aero testing, 4000kr)
We work with you 1:1 during bike fits to help optimise your comfort, power and overall cycling performance. 
If you want a bikefit on 2 of your road/tri/mtb bikes: 4000kr.   Or if you have a friend and want to do 2 bikefits at the same time: 4000kr.

Pressure Mapping
We use pressure mapping software to optimise comfort on the saddle and pedalling efficiency. Pressure mapping uses specially designed sensors to record the amount of pressure applied across the surface area of contact. We use these sensors on saddles and within shoes to give us detailed information within areas that are often hard to observe. This allows us to determine what is happening on the saddle or in the shoes and spot spikes that may be causing discomfort. It also allows us to quantify the effects of any aids (such as insole wedges and shims) used within the shoes to determine if they will actually benefit the support of the foot long term. We work closley with Gebiomized who supply us with this technology. GebioMized can use these pressure maps to create custom fit insoles or saddles to optimise the comfort and efficiency of each rider. 

Aero Testing (1,5 hours , 1500kr)
We have a virtual wind tunnel we use for positional coaching and improving your cycling aerodynamics. Our vitual wind tunnel works by measuring your frontal surface area. The software then calculates the number of watts that you have to put out in order to maintain a certain speed. By providing real time information on your frontal surface area and power, we are able to determine your optimal aerodynamic position on the bike.